Humana dental Insurance company but if that’s the way that they’re gonna do it after you having educated them about how this process works then again that’s not .

humana dental

The client for you so you want them to defer to your strategies like if you decide listen here’s how we’re gonna go about this the insurance company has denied you know that .

There’s damage on this we need to get that overturned and here’s how I think we should do that like that client needs to defer to you when going about deploying .

Those strategies the client can’t then switch it up and say oh you know whatI’m gonna contact my attorney and have them write a letter orI’m gonna contact you know .

This adjuster and give him a piece of my mind becauseI feel like they’re getting over on meno they need to keep calm and just defer to you as an expert if they don’t believe.

That you’re the expert they’re not the client for you like if they’re not ready to defer to you as the expertagain trust me I’m gonna save you a lot of trouble no matter .

How bad you want that job it’s just not worth it the client needs to hold the company line at all times like they need to follow your strategies and so I

Would properly prepare them by letting them know that you know like if an insurance adjuster has already been there the first time and we’re now

Gonna go through the supplementing process and we’re gonna submit our estimate into the inside desk adjuster and wait for their response we would prepare the client that the insurance