Teeth Whitening tooth does not even appear in the  my wife Caroline I love her to death but she does not believe that  there is a plant in Teeth Whitening.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening
  • My yard that can’t be moved so the shrubs that she had me dig up and  move six inches last weekend I’m a dentist that Must.
  • Be a dental procedure therefore dental insurance that insures this oral  cavity and its contents and because this is part of that.
  • What do you have overlapping coverage you have two policies insuring the same thing so how  should you handle that.
  • Well no differently than how you’re handling dental benefit plans in your practice right now you determine which one is primary you file with the primary.
  • Then you go to the secondary number-two policy and you show number two what number one paid basic insurance rules that apply whether you’re involving medical insurance.

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  • In the mix or not and  I want to be very clear there is a lot of things covered by medical insurance that have nothing to do with our practice there are a lot of things that.
  • Practices but medical insurance will not  pay for an oral evaluation or a dental exam but remember a dental exam is part  of an oral evaluation .
  • Which is part of a thorough evaluation of the head and neck  area in my practice I call that the full monty examination and.
  • That’s where we go beyond the teeth beyond the oral cavity  as part of our examination and that is what medical insurance.
  • Will pay you for if you only count the teeth that’s a dental exam medical insurance will not pay you to count teeth or perform a dental.
  • Exam they will not pay you for an oral evaluation only only if you go beyond the teeth that’s when medical insurance will pay you for your evaluation and.
  • The truth is you perform medically necessary evaluations for these conditions every day what does Candida have to do with the dentition.