I was so scared  full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period and stressed out in my heart Booster and just like okay so scary and I feel like the biggest baby but I think was just because full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period .

He didn’t know me right and it was just so scary the lady as I’m having like a panic attack like he’s like okay you’re dead.

full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period
full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

All done and he just walks out and then they take the little bit off me and it’s just me and my yoga pants and my tank top and I’m just like he does and like the ladies like oh yeah you’re fine and then she brings over my teeth to show me and I’m like thank you so much for that because.

I really look like I’m really interested to see my teeth Alice anyways and then she’s like oh do you have any allergies to anything and I was like what do you mean oh you just have a rash all over your body like oh please.

God don’t and I look down I was just blotchy everywhere and I was like oh my god am i allergic something but I was like no like I just get blotchy like I think go something so much anxiety that I was just like freaking out and I was just getting a rash because .

I’m just white and I’m prone to rashes at first when she asked me that I was like oh my god am I like swelling up or something cuz my my lip was so numb like you feel like it’s swollen so.

I was scared that’s having like some sort of an allergic reaction no I was fine um the doctor came back in an easy oh no that’s just really nervous .

I was like I’ll see you later no I was just mad at that guy I’m pretty sure that’s why I dice are like miserable or have the highest suicide rate because I think everyone hates them anyways so she’s like I’m like no this ID really hurts though like because this site is completely now .

This ID was just in pain like from the get-go and it was so crazy and traumatizing and like like so dramatic and traumatic to your like body I think like I wasn’t shocked like I was like shaking I was just like oh my god like I said over like this is crazy and they shelf gauze in your mouth and.

you can’t talk and I was just like do you give me like pain medication or something cuz this hurts so bad like I expected it’s just all be numb and not be able to feel it and I this side was like that there’s a little sore but this I’d hurt so bad and .

I was like this is not how I expected to leave she’s like here’s some prescriptions I was like well can you call it in or something because I’m gonna have to drive in there and take forever and it’s gonna be like miserable I mean that’s by the time that.

I get the medication it’s gonna be like you know at least pop give me and I proven or something like I feel