Dental insurance that covers dentures

or a code that’s an aa is a pair you eval and the code is just your standard evaluation if you get the proper documentation you pick up a pareo probe.

you actually do the exam you’re Dental insurance that covers dentures entitled to bill and code that an often a  is good forty fifty percent higher reimbursement versus a code so that’s.

one little area and I’ll tell you we had experience today I looked at a practice analysis report for a very large practice in Texas and they had.

done just over we have unique adult patients and in this practice, the analysis showed that for the ad a code they had built or submitted a

little over two thousand times and I in this like one end of the spectrum I look at the code they did it one time so we asked we asked.

the doctor so what why is that knowing that you needed understanding about pareo and the and the percentages out there why.

is that such a stark contrast you’re not looking for this so he gave some examples of how they treat and it’s in he recognized that it was an.

area of opportunity and he really appreciated bringing to his attention and the reason why that is he got into a rut of how he practices and how he.

does is evaluation and just assuming like you said the insurance company is not going to pay for that code so why should I submit it so.

that was important I guess a piece of information for him that I based on those numbers you know hit in the sizes practice had he had done a.

pareo evaluation and really submitted the Co that he was entitled to inappropriately and he probably an appropriately charted for it.

impacted his practice based just based Dental insurance that covers dentures on the numbers above one.