dental insurance no waiting period is eligibility at minimum hours in advance yeah because if you’re going to get information so detailed about certain codes that takes time .

dental insurance no waiting period
dental insurance no waiting period
  • That dental insurance no waiting period takes time and we address.
  • a lot of this on our first webinar so how can you get paid eligibility talk to the patient’s see .
  • What’s already been covered see when their last x-rays have been see if .
  • They can get the other ones and ask your insurance companies do
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The same day as an FM X you have to ask these questions because you can’t just take it and and not post it or not share with the insurance company that you took it you can’t just do it because you want to do it there must be a and

This is this is actually and this is this is actually where you have to differentiate between insurance dictating your pre treatment and you doing .

The treatment you want this is where you have to get the information and take the stand and build that relationship of trust with the patient so that they follow your guidance and your suggestion because this is these are some of the areas.

Where we see patients and offices losing out because they are so focused on only doing what insurance will pay for instead of .

What the patient needs and then you become a beauty salon you become a you become a luxury service and you don’t become.